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For a No Nonsense Quote call: 07944 277668


For a No Nonsense Quote! Call: 07944 277668

stain removal before after photos

The Sure-Chem Stain Removal Process

To remove any stains on your carpets we use the latest technology.

Please note that the more time a stain is left on your carpet, the chances of totally removing the stain is less likely so call Sure-Chem today on 07944 277668

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Tackling stains

Firstly, it is easier to remove stains from a synthetic carpet than a wool one. Think of it as if it was a piece of clothing; washing a football top with a grass stain on it or washing a wool jumper with the same stain on. If the fabric/carpet is made with a synthetic material, you can go hotter and use a stronger detergent.

The process

1. Identify the stain. Ask questions like: Has the customer used any household cleaner to try and remove the stain?

2. Identify the type of carpet the stain is on i.e. wool /wool mix /synthetic, and what the backing of the carpet is made from i.e. hesien. Knowing the answer to these questions will help get the best results . If the customer is unsure we will check upon arrival.

3. Use a clean water rinse to remove any excess staining before using any chemicals.

4. Apply chemicals to the stained area using the appropriate heat and rinse aid plus use a tampico brush to agitate the stain (if possible).

5. Repeat if nescessary and reset carpet pile if needed. Drying the area with a hair drier will help to see what the results will be like.

stain removal before after photos

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